Hello From the Outside

So I have to apologize because I’ve been insanely lax in posting and Abby has been doing all the work. Sorry. I’ll try harder.

Anywho in recent news, going along with the song quote i picked, the outside has decided to make it’s presence known in the form of a tree throwing itself early this morning.

It mainly hit in between our two vehicles but still did a bit of damage. Over all it could have been a whole lot worse however the van we rented to get the big crew places sustained some damage so that will be a bit complicated because uh…it’s rented. and…we need it. So please pray for that.

In news relating to me, my wonderful Guitar Choir performed for church yesterday and even though the first song was a bit rough they kept going and persevered through it and I’m so proud of them. The second song we did, Blessed be Your Name was absolutely fantastic 🙂  It wasn’t perfect either but it didn’t need to be. Also a shout out to the worship team at the church because while my guitar choir was warming up I went to look for some help. Friday I had completely lost my voice and by Sunday it was still only partially on board and i knew that we were going to need some assistance if my band was going to feel complicated. I started by asking the singers of the worship band if they could hop on board and they, to my great amazement, agreed. (This was like…five minutes before church started) Also, no sooner had we shakily begun the first song than the worship team joined in with their instruments to give us a helping hand. WITH NO PREPARATION AT ALL. So a big thank you to them.

In other news I have become insanely invested in the EuroCup 2016….It’s pretty bad. Friday night Germany played against Poland and that actually probably had a lot to do with my voice not recovering by Sunday. XD

Also at the nearby mall, Lotus, I was fortunate enough to try a multicultural dish. At the food court Abby and Katie went to get Kabobs but i wanted something cheaper so i walked around until i came across this tiny Chinese fast food place. Perfect. i found what I wanted which interestingly enough was a dish that’s pretty much Sesame chicken on top of french fries. The man behind the counter was super nice and funny and we had a good time figuring out what type of chicken i wanted between broken Romanian and English. It was awesome because we mainly communicated happily through pointing and nodding excitedly. XD after he put what i wanted on a plate I nearly died laughing because he just whips around and throws my meal into a microwave. A microwave. It was beautiful.

My peeps here already think i live like a frat boy (because I do) and so when this cheery homie of mine just MICROWAVES my fast food it was just the highlight of my day. Judge me all you want, I thought it was spectacular. So i get back to our table were Katie and Abby are eating freshly made Kabobs and, you know, vegetables and what not, I plunk down my Romanian Chinese greasy hot mess ecstatically onto the table.They looked at it like I’d found it in a garbage can. IT WAS DELICIOUS. They didn’t agree but I don’t care. Simple pleasures for simple people. XD

Ok well that’s about it. Until I can think of somethin else. See you guys soon! And please keep us in your prayers! It’s extremely appreciated 🙂




2 thoughts on “Hello From the Outside

  1. Wow, what a funny post, Felicity! Minus the parts about the van damage. I pray that is resolved quickly and without any added cost. I’m glad that you are having fun and I hope your voice comes back. I’m sure that’s hard for you to be without! 😉

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