Hello….It’s Me

Haha…Sorry. I feel that every time I post I must use a verse from “Hello”. That song has literally followed us everywhere, whether it’s in the form of Lala Dreana or nearby shop speakers. XD

So update on me. Today we had the first band meeting and i think all things considered it went pretty well. Nothing really amazing musically but we had a good time playing music together and meeting one another. All the feedback i got from the kids was positive; they all said they enjoyed that fact that they could all come together to worship and play together and they also liked that when they messed up nobody got exasperated or mad at them. I’m really glad because I thought maybe because i wasn’t giving them much direction that they might think I don’t really know what I’m doing and get bored, so hearing that they were happy nobody corrected them was reassuring. Funny thing though…they ALL play guitar XD so it’s literally me on the piano with five people on guitar. It’s…special. But none the less i think it will be a lot of fun 🙂 Also a big shout out to Thomas who stepped up to be a more decisive person in charge (I have no idea how to be in charge) and teach the kids chords and strumming patterns because I wouldn’t know the difference between guitar strings if they snapped and hit me in the face.

In other news I have discovered a two shops that sell different kinds of doughnuts, a stationary store that has fun pens, an addicting shoe shop, the glories of McDonald’s Ice cream, and a little bit of heaven called Shaorma. All this plus Emi’s (Lavi’s mom) AMAZING cooking…it will be a miracle if I only take up one seat on the plain ride back. XD

On a serious note, please pray for guidance and wisdom for me in being an effective leader of a youth band. Also please pray for our interactions with all the kids we meet through the Debate classes and Clubs. And last but not least, please keep morale of the group in your prayers as well. We are doing well and I would like it to stay that way so we can continue being effective and more of a help than a hindrance. 😉

That’s it from me,

Hugs all around to those who miss me- I miss you tons ❤






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