First Week of Classes: Complete!

Hi everyone! I’m posting again to give you our weekly update. This week, we taught introductory debate classes at four schools in Oradea. So far, this has been a very stretching experience, and God is definitely working in our lives.

From Monday through Friday, we taught 19 classes and 3 evening debate clubs. The plan for the next two weeks is to go back to those same classes and teach additional material. All of our classes this week went very well, and the four of us got really good at giving our presentation by the time we finished our last class on Friday. Katie taught the main material, and Felicity, Thomas, and I gave demonstrations, assigned homework, and distributed papers.

It hasn’t all been tiring, hard work, though. On Monday, Adi called us downstairs, saying that he needed help with something – and he then proceeded to soak us with the hose. “Hostilities” quickly escalated, and an all-out water fight ensued. Today, we decided to exact our “revenge” by calling Adi outside during lunch and attacking him with our newly-purchased water guns. I’m fairly certain that this will not be the last water fight of our trip.

On Wednesday, we had a very small university club meeting. It was nice to have a smaller group, because we could interact more personally with those who did come. At the end of the meeting, we were introduced to shaorma (shawarma), which I had never had before. It was extremely weird but extremely delicious. I was also very proud of myself for ordering my shaorma in Romanian.

Today Adi’s church had three baptisms. It’s so powerful to see God working here and to know that he’s also working back home, an entire ocean away. Being here makes it easier to view the church as a global body instead of just local groups of believers.

One thing that I’m really learning from this trip is that I need to be okay with not having a perfect plan ahead of time. I’m a very plan-oriented person, and when I’m helping teach a class or lead a club meeting, I like to have every minute of time planned out and know exactly what is going to happen. However, because of the fact that we don’t always have time to create a perfect plan for our classes or club meetings, sometimes we just have to trust God that everything will work out. And so far, it has. One evening we had a club meeting that ran about 30 minutes short. However, in those 30 minutes at the end of the meeting, we were able to talk individually with the students who came.

In about a week and a half, the larger team, which will be running a VBS and building greenhouses, will be joining us. Please pray for safe travels for them and that they would be able to adjust quickly, since they have a shorter time to be here.

Also, please pray for us, that we would stay healthy and well-rested during the next two weeks of teaching classes. Pray that we would communicate clearly and that we would have lots of time to interact with the students, especially the ones who are coming to the clubs.

That’s it for now!

Abby Stocker



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