Hello From The Other Side

Hey guys! It’s me, Fliss. So I haven’t posted at all yet and I was feeling kind of bad. So quick update on me. I have finally found out my schedule (ish) from Lavi about what i will be doing.

The first week was pretty nutty and I ended up just doing debate team things, apart from a short session of song singing in their Children’s Church. And this past second week we were on the four day trip with the University students.

Tomorrow (Sunday) Becky Dreana and I will be singing two songs for worship. This will be the kick-off of the youth band and any kids interested can come later on in the day and sign up. Lavi says we’ll practice in the Sunday evenings and we’ll find a day during the week that works too. 🙂

Please please please please please please pray for this. I am not a leader type. I am a follower that will question and give the leader a hard time, but in the end, I am bad at leading. So heading up a youth band is going to be a pretty big stretch for me. I have faith though…so don’t feel bad if you forget to pray for me. XD

Thanks for reading,


P.s. “Hello” by Adele has been officially dubbed our trip song, by the way. Lala Dreana is particularly partial to this song and it seems to pop up everywhere we go. XD


3 thoughts on “Hello From The Other Side

  1. Fliss, you’re a natural! You’ll be great at leading the band! And, of course, your singing is a blessing! But I’ll be praying for you just the same, that God’s guidance and the musical talents he has gifted you with will see you through, that after you get started you’ll be able to say, “Wow! That was excellent!”

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