It’s Crunch Time!

Hello friends!

It’s just two weeks until we leave for our seven week missions trip to Romania! Let me introduce you to the team. There are four of us going on this trip. First we have:


Katie is the official debate team leader. She knows what she’s doing… most of the time. Katie lacks motivation. If she could, she would lie in bed all day, watching soap operas and eating bon-bons. Her best friend is her cat, which she performed taxidermy on all by herself. When not scaring children with her singing voice, she spends her time writing down lists of the things she hates most.*

*These descriptions are not meant to be taken seriously. Mostly. You can find our actual bios here.


Thomas will be doing administrative and organizational work for transportation and debate camps. He has a dry sense of humor, he is boring to be around, and we wish he would not come with us. He is our pack-mule, and we will drive him into the ground. If he does not fulfill his duties perfectly, we will kick him out into the cold, which we will probably do anyway.*

*These descriptions are not meant to be taken seriously. Mostly. You can find our actual bios here.


Felicity will be organizing a youth worship band and leading games for the debate clubs and camps. Additionally, Felicity is responsible for teaching me about popular music during our free time. She is poised and sophisticated. She is very serious and calm. Without her gravitas and strong sense of responsibility, our team would fall apart completely, we need her strong leadership and wisdom on this mission trip.*

*These descriptions are not meant to be taken seriously. Mostly. You can find our actual bios here.


That’s me! I am going to assist Katie in teaching debate. I also hope to learn a lot about Romanian culture (and popular music). I’m generally very prepared for every situation, so the fact that I have a very vague idea what we’ll be doing in Romania scares me just a little bit. I am a very blank slate, I am generic in every way. My favorite color is white, and my favorite flavor is vanilla. I like it when everything is normal and perfectly in order. I smile a lot, but not when people are looking. I hope to get a degree in learning, at the school of education.*

*These descriptions are not meant to be taken seriously. Mostly. You can find our actual bios here.

The reason that we’re starting this blog right now is because we need something (money)  from YOU. Just kidding, I’m not talking about financial support, so you can breathe easy. I’m talking about prayer support. None of us have ever done anything like this before, and we know that we can’t do this on our own. We’d love it if you would take the time to start praying for us. Here are some of the things we need prayer for:

  • Preparation: We still have a lot of work to get ready for this trip, and we only have two weeks left! Pray that we would be able to pack efficiently, plan our curriculum, and work out our schedule.
  • Health: We’re going to be in a different country for seven weeks, so it would be great if we didn’t have to worry about our health among other things.
  • Unity: Pray that we would work together well as a team, be able to resolve potential conflicts, and look out for the interests of one another..
  • Effectiveness: We want God to use us to the best of our abilities. Pray that we would be effective and willing to listen to what he wants us to do.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! We plan on posting updates every Sunday, so if you want to follow our blog, feel free to do so.

Until next week!

Abby Stocker, for the Romania Debate Team (and Felicity)


3 thoughts on “It’s Crunch Time!

  1. Grandma and I will be praying for you. I am glad you didn’t describe us. I know I would be the funny grandpa that you throw out in the cold and Grandma would be the serious one you would keep with you! Our love to all of you! You are a very courageous group of young people. May the grace and peace of God follow you through out this amazing journey!


  2. Thanks so much for posting this and sharing your requests. I’ll be praying for all of you…and I’m already looking forward to your next post! May God work mightily in the details over the next couple of weeks!


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